The Pivnik Law Firm is a law firm which focuses its practice primarily on the needs of insurance companies and self-insured businesses.

We handle the full range of general liability claims which typically arise under insurance policies including: motor vehicle accident, trucking and shipping, premises, product liability, environmental claims, construction defects, employment claims and commercial litigation.

We provide advice and counsel to insurers and insureds on coverage matters and, when necessary, handle the prosecution or defense of coverage litigation, including "Employment Practices" coverage.

We identify the strengths and weaknesses in a case and develop the most suitable litigation strategy. We believe in rapid resolution, in minimizing legal and claim expense and in fostering long term relationships. All of the foregoing is done against the backdrop of total quality management (TQM), both procedural and substantive, to insure that the highest quality work product is turned out on behalf of our client, in the shortest possible time.

We believe in immediate response and turnaround time. In addition, we believe in insuring that our client's personnel have the information and tools necessary to permit them to carry out their responsibilities to their management in the most expeditious fashion possible.

We view handling and management of litigation when we are working with our client as a partnership in every sense of the word.